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Let's Partner on Your Journey to Greatness!

Searching for your purpose?  Feeling Stuck in life/work? Have a vision but not sure how to execute it?  Glad you found me!  Let's partner in this journey to GREATNESS!


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Liliie J. 
Stylist-Styles By LJ

Dywan R.
Richardson Enterprises

"Le'Kedra taught me what it means to live authentically and challenged me to explore how I feel about myself.  She helped me gain a sense of clarity and focus on what I wanted and why I wanted it.  She addressed my feelings of frustration while helping me master many skills to focus on my personal and professional growth."

"Le'Kedra is a great person to help you work through problems effectively and efficiently.  I use her coaching strategies for my various

 businesses.  Her leadership and direction are a great asset to anyone who's exposed to her guidance."

Tyra B.

“LeKedra’s coaching changed my life. When we met I was extremely insecure and unaware of my greatness. Now I own a thriving small business, I’m a published author, and I get called to do work across the region. She has this way of unlocking you and challenging you to unleash your potential.”

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